Order the insurance papers you need to export a car from Germany to another country  in three steps. We can only send it by Deutsche Post, DHL or UPS, because the german government called "Kfz-Zulassungsstelle" want to see the original papers! There is no eVB-Number for Ausfuhrkennzeichen!

This insurance is valid für all kinds of vehicles, except omnibuses. With this insurance paper you will get the registration numbers for export at every "Kfz-Zulassungsstelle" in Germany. The green international insurance card is included.

Licence plate insurance 30 days passenger car

Product no.: 14

Insurance third party with international insurance card to get export plates 30 days for a passenger car

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can be shipped within 1 days

Insurance third party for 5-day-plates

Product no.: 15

Insurance third party for 6-day-plates to move vehicles inside Germany

44.00 *
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insurance for one-day-licence

Product no.: 7

one-day-licence plate insurance

20.00 *
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Prices incl. Insurance-tax, plus delivery