Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the supply of export plates (customs plate) by Friedhelm Knippenberg Insurancebroker


1 Contract is the sale of coverage maps for export plates (customs plate) with maturities of 15 days to 12 months.


2 It is offered only liability insurance. The liability insurance covers only the legal minimum cover for vehicles with German license plate (export designation) are allowed. In export / customs plate insurance protection is provided for export of the vehicle from Germany.


3 It is not permitted repairs or changes to the insurance cards make the insurance maps are otherwise invalid.


4 The unused or prescription cards may be given within 30 days back from the buyer. The purchase price less shipping cost will be refunded immediately upon receipt of the complete set of maps back. Lost cards will not be refunded / exchanged. Once the coverage maps were handed over to a German vehicle registration office, a return can not be done.


5 Changes and additions to this delivery must be made ​​in writing. This applies in particular to the cancellation of the written form requirement Verbal agreements are not taken. Jurisdiction is Flensburg, German law applies to the exclusion of the CISG.


6 The above-mentioned delivery conditions apply as you explicitly accepted without a signature.


7 Should one or more components of these Conditions be invalid or unenforceable, or will, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.


October 14th 2018