• Ausfuhrkennzeichen (custom plates, transit plates, export codes) are used for the export of vehicles from Germany abroad. The signs you get in any vehicle registration office in Germany. You must show the vehicle there, TUV must be valid! The insurance is valid throughout Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean, on the green card, the claims offices of valid countries are noted.
  • What is the process? Order online to get the coverage map (s) sent by mail and get the signs in the vehicle registration office.
  • How quickly will I get the card (s)? After your payment (credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and cash payment at a German post office), we will send immediately. In the letter mail or registered mail is usually the next day to you, if you have a German address. Abroad it takes two to three days (for express shipping delivery often next business day).
  • Which vehicle information do I need? We do not need vehicle data, fill the card (s) for export license itself, we will add a pattern to fill in.
  • Do you ship thesigns?No, we only sell the insurance, the cards can be obtained at the vehicle registration office in every major city in Germany.  
  • Trips abroad with temporary license plates (Kurzzeitkennzeichen) possible?
    Yes, then please buy the temporary license plate with green card,so-called EU temporary license plate. Since there are frequent as well (pay a fine, car is confiscated) may come abroad, we recommend Ausfuhrkennzeichen.
  • Car from abroad bring possible with Ausfuhrkennzeichen?
    No, this is only possible with a temporary license plate with a green card, as you get the export license in Germany only when you show off the car with German vehicle papers at the vehicle registration office.
  • Does my car need TÜV?  Yes,for export Plate- Yes, for Kurzzeitkennzeichen
  • Do I have to show my car at the vehicle registration office when I need export plates? Yes, in almost all vehicle registration, with new vehicles often enough that you COC paper definitely ask first vehicle registration authority!
  • Delivery  by possiblecash? Yes, up to € 500 order